Adirondacks, USA

Saranac Lake Rt 3 Rt 86 Junction
Rt 3 Old Dock Rd Junction
Rt 3 Ampersand Mtn Trail Head
Raquette River Boat Launch Rt 3
Tupper Lake Rt 3 Rt 30 Junction
Adirondack Park Geographic Center - Circa 1916
Rt 30 Circle Rd Junction
Long Lake Rt 30 North Point Rd Junction
Raquette Lake - Outlet Bay
Fourth Lake N 43.756 W 74.844
Old Forge 90 Miler Boat Launch
Saranac River N 44.294 W 74.124
Skull Island
Seventh Lake N 43.747 W 74.744
Long Lake - Watch Rock
Browns Tract Rd Dillion Rd Junction
Raquette Pond Railroad Causeway
Forked Lake N 43.903 W 74.553
Long Lake N 43.995 W 74.405
Raquette River N 44.164 W 74.317
Utowana Lake N 43.834 W 74.534
Adk Railroad N 44.163 W 74.614
Horseshoe Lake
Bear Pond North Causeway
Charlie's Inn
Adk Railroad Floodwood Junction

Adirondacks, USA

The 90-Miler

The Adirondacks are a unique patchwork of private and public lands that cover over 6 million acres of New York State, and contain more than 2,000 miles of marked hiking trails, 3,000 lakes and ponds and 1,200 miles of rivers fed by 30,000 miles of brooks and streams.

Early trappers, hunters and writers used local guides and their guideboats to navigate this landscape. Now you can take the controls of this Virtual Adirondack Guide to explore the very real, visually stunning mountains, lakes and communities that comprise the largest protected wilderness in the contiguous United States.

The 90-Miler Blueway is a beautiful waterway trail that spans from Old Forge, NY to Saranac Lake, NY. It is also known as the first section of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT), a waterway trail that connects Old Forge, NY to Fort Kent, Maine.

The 90-Miler section of the NFCT is a continuous route from Old Forge via the Moose River to Inlet and the Fulton Chain Lakes, and then on to Raquette Lake. From Raquette Lake it travels via the Raquette River to Forked Lake, Long Lake, and finally via the Stony Creek Ponds and the Indian Carry to Upper Saranac Lake. The route then proceeds via Bartlett Carry to Middle Saranac Lake and Lower Saranac Lake, and finally, Lake Flower in Saranac Lake. Along the route the Blueway meanders through the communities of Old Forge, Eagle Bay, Inlet, Raquette Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Long Lake, Tupper Lake, Harrietstown, Saranac Lake, and North Elba.

Racing the Blueway

Each September, the 90-Miler Blueway plays host to the popular “Adirondack Canoe Classic.” Also known as “The 90-Miler,” over 600 paddlers race in this three-day event along a modified version of the blueway. Endurance paddlers often take the challenge up a notch and attempt to make a continuous 24-hour trip in what is known as the “Cannonball” or “Outlaw 90-Miler.” 

For most, the 90-Miler Blueway offers up a variety of unique recreational paddles along beautiful sections of this Adirondack waterway. Whether it’s an afternoon paddle or a multi-day trip, the 90-Miler Blueway attracts visitors not only to the waterway itself, but also to the towns and villages that sit at its shoreline.

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Traveling the 90-Miler Byway

Driving the route from Old Forge to Saranac Lake is an equally beautiful experience as you meander along the edges of the backcountry via byways that connect community to community. From scenic overlooks to charming communities, the corridor captures the perfect balance of culture and nature that the Adirondacks are known for.

90-Miles of Winter White

While a paddling route may speak to you in the warmer months, when the snow and ice arrives different varieties of recreation pop up along the blueway. Experience winter in the Adirondacks with the ice anglers, snowmobilers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who turn our winter wonderland into an expansive playground.

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